The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

Sales Training That Works

  • A proven process optimized for small to medium size businesses
  • We can help you create a sales effort from scratch, or optimize your present team
  • Customized for what your business sells
  • Individualized instruction for each salesperson
  • Continually refined since 1996
  • Substantially less expensive than large, national competitors
  • No unnecessary fluff, bells or whistles

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How to Hire, Organize and Manage a Small Sales Force

The book addresses the sales challenges faced by organizations with annual revenue of up to about $10,000,000. It is these businesses and non-profits that don’t generally have a large, well supported sales effort. More typically, they will instead have 1 – 5 salespeople with bare bones support and management. It won’t be a surprise when I tell you that sales team management in these circumstances can be difficult, and the results are almost always less than optimal.

That’s the problem this book addresses. It is full of tools and techniques you can employ to do more with less … to grow your business by fielding a small sales force that gets excellent results without breaking the bank.

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sales team management book

Who We Are

Craig Weeks Northwest Sales Training

Northwest Sales Training provides business development training, coaching and sales growth consulting services in the Portland & Vancouver area. Our service “footprint” extends from approximately Eugene to Tacoma. In other words, about a three-hour drive in either direction.

Craig Weeks is Northwest’s founder. After years of practicing law and then holding VP and COO-level marketing, sales and executive positons in various companies, in 1996 Craig became a senior consultant for a large SoCal business consulting firm.

While providing counsel on the usual business challenges related to planning, communication, staffing, holding people accountable, etc., Craig learned that most of his clients – especially smaller to medium size businesses – had relatively ineffectual sales efforts. Sensing an opportunity, he began focusing his practice on providing clients with the techniques and tools to significantly increase their revenue. Success quickly followed.

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How to Get Started

The first step we take together is a no-cost meeting with senior management to acquire an overview of the situation. Assuming there is a meeting of the minds, as well as a belief that management’s goals can be achieved, a written agreement is then prepared specifying what services will be provided, accompanied by a firm price.

The engagement kicks off with a day spent on site for the purpose of acquiring a more detailed understanding of your present sales personnel (if any), products/services, market, customers/clients and competition. Only then do we begin to design your sales training program and its accompanying implementation timeline.

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