About Us

sales coaching bookNorthwest Sales Training provides sales coaching, business development training, and sales growth consulting services in the Portland & Vancouver area. Our service “footprint” extends from approximately Eugene to Tacoma. In other words, about a three-hour drive in either direction.

Craig Weeks is Northwest’s founder. Craig has provided sales training to a diverse range of clients since 1996. His bio appears on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Northwest’s particular niche is creating completely personalized sales coaching, training programs for small to medium size organizations with annual revenue typically less than approximately $10,000,000. We don’t use a “canned” method because 20+ years of experience has taught us that individualization produces superior results.

The first step we take together is a no-cost meeting with senior management to acquire an overview of the situation. Assuming there is a meeting of the minds, and a reasonable expectation that management’s goals can be achieved, then a written agreement is prepared specifying what services will be provided, accompanied by a firm price.

The engagement kicks off with a day spent on site for the purpose of acquiring a more detailed understanding of your present sales personnel (if any), products/services, market, customers/clients and competition. Only then do we begin to design your program and its accompanying implementation timeline.

This process results in a customized sales strategy and method, plus individualized sales training that is tailored exactly to your circumstances, but at a much lower cost than the well-known national sales programs.