use communications to increase salesYou can’t convince a prospect to buy what you are selling unless they engage with you and actually listen to what you have to say.  In contrast, I’m sure you have been in conversations where you have a strong instinct that you and your prospect just aren’t connecting.    The two of you just aren’t on the same wavelength so whatever it is you want to happen, well, doesn’t.

This multi-part post is about quickly creating a positive rapport and how that can be accomplished if you are mindful of some simple best practices used by elite sales people and skilled communicators to increase sales.

The reality is that communication is much more than words.  Many psychological studies have concluded that spoken words account for something between 7% and 20% of what the listener “hears.”  The remaining 80% – 93% is made up of the speaker’s physical and emotional experiences that the listener sees, hears, and then interprets.

Sometimes, the “speaker” doesn’t have to say a word, but we still arrive at conclusions about them.  Don’t you do this every time you first see and then meet someone?  Don’t you think your prospect is doing the same thing when they first see and meet you?

Your appearance, body language, mannerisms, demeanor, behaviors, etc. are instantly appraised and a preliminary conclusion is drawn.  If it’s good, you’re part way home.  If it’s bad, you have an uphill battle to undo the initial negative perception and only then, maybe, your message will be given a fair hearing.

In my next post we will look at some simple techniques to manage how your prospect initially perceives you.  They may seem terribly basic, but the reality is they have a huge and proven impact upon first impressions and should never be ignored.