being organizedAs you organize your materials in the moments before the meeting actually kicks off, there are some things to be mindful of.  If you will be viewing pages on a laptop, or using exhibits or other documents, the best practice is to have hard copies for the prospect (and their team), and to also use a yellow highlighter to bring attention to what you believe is the important text.

To avoid the appearance of being disorganized, sequence the documents in the order that the agenda suggests, use folders with neat, printed tabs, keep pens that are certain to work handy, and also have a clean note pad nearby.

Why?  Being organized is a trait every prospect wants to see in a high quality vendor.  If your competition isn’t organized, then that’s a positive check in your column and a negative one in theirs.

If you have utilized all the non-verbal techniques we’ve looked at in these posts you can feel confident you have done what you reasonably can to create a positive first impression and avoid anything that will trigger negativity in Ted’s mind.

Of course, up to this moment everything has been preliminary.  The next thing is you have to begin talking; to actually launch into your sales strategy.

If you make a decent pitch and Ted has already formed a positive opinion of you, then the odds have tilted in your favor.  In contrast, if you make the best pitch in the world, but your preliminary behaviors have caused him to view you with a decidedly negative mindset, your odds for making the sale are greatly diminished.

The behaviors we’ve looked at in the preceding posts are simple to adopt and really do make a difference.  Employ these and your close rate will increase, and that means more income for you.