What We Do

sales consultingWhat Northwest does is help your organization achieve sales growth. Whether you sell services or a line of products, or are a non-profit seeking to increase your donor base, we can optimize your sales process. Our niche is working with relatively small businesses with annual revenues up to about $10,000,000.

We typically work with sales teams comprised of 1 – 5 outside salespeople. They benefit from individualized instruction that focuses upon helping them become more effective selling your specific services or products to your customers or clients and providing relevant strategies to increase sales. In short, our sales method is adapted to your reality. Not the reverse.

Sales Consulting Services

Northwest’s sales methodology incorporates today’s proven Fortune 500 practices combined with persuasive techniques revealed by the latest industry and academic studies. The difference is that we have eliminated the fluff while retaining 90+% effectiveness. This means our methodology is much easier to learn than the fully-optioned offerings presented by the national sales training companies.

If you don’t already have an outside sales force, and are starting from scratch, we can create a completely customized sales system for your business, and can also help you with the challenging tasks of hiring and training sales personnel.

If your sales growth has been disappointing, or you are frustrated with managing your sales effort, and/or are having difficulty setting standards and holding your sales people accountable, we can provide both guidance and, if desired, on-site sales consulting expertise.