About the Book

Building A Sales Team & Sales Team Management

Ka-ching, Sales Team Management Book

The book’s chapters primarily focus upon three vital activities – hiring, organizing and managing your sales team – that are the foundation for a successful sales effort.

Hiring salespeople is a hit and miss proposition. Even the largest Fortune 500 companies frequently get it wrong, and they have invested millions of dollars putting in place assessment and processes designed to reduce the “miss” rate. In Chapter 4 you will learn some real world best practices that have helped organizations just like yours improve the odds that the salespeople they hire will be winners.

Chapter 2 deals with how you can organize your sales effort to obtain maximum bang for your budget dollar.

A crucial requirement for driving sales success is having a system of goal setting and accountability in place. In Chapters 7 and 8 you will learn how to do this with a simple but very effective sales management process that is your key to the ongoing management of your sales team. Chapter 6 addresses motivation and leadership, and contains proven approaches and techniques that will help you energize and motivate all your employees engaged in revenue generation.

You will also learn how the hiring process can be done in such a way so that it eases the task of ongoing sales team management, and also makes it easier (and legally safer) to terminate an underperforming salesperson.

Whether you are building a sales team from scratch, or desire to improve the effectiveness of your existing effort, by optimizing these activities your organization will achieve record levels of revenue, margin and profitability.

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